We are a progressive, hip, holy, spirit filled, Pentecostal believing and practicing church. We want to be known for our faith and by our fruit (meaning: may miracles happen when we fast and pray and may the love of God literally drip from our conversations and actions).
We are a group of people who believe in being community minded and family oriented. As there are many ways to be involved in our community, we will work to discover them. We desire to be involved in tangible ways. Where there is a good church, there should be a good community. Where there are good families, there are good churches. Where there are good men of God, there are good families.
We aren’t trying to build a church, we’re trying to build people. When you spend time building people, the people will spend time being the church. 
We know most people have a past they’d like to forget ...a present they would like to change and a future they can look forward to. We would like to help you forget, change and look forward ...but not without Jesus. Let this be a healing place where preconceived ideas of individuals are thrown out and regardless of who you are or what you’ve done/been, you’ll get the same opportunities as others as God helps you realize your calling.
We are not a “denominational” church ...we don’t believe in “religion” ...and we have tradition, but tradition doesn’t have us. We are not afraid to try something new or do away with things that are past their time. If it’s not broke, we won’t try to fix it.
We believe everyone has the ability to contribute to the work of the Lord ...and God is creative in  ways that people can become involved. If your one that wants to hide in the crowd, that's up to you. However, to stay healthy, you have to stay active. We will activate you! We think it’s fun to use unusual and creative talents to bless the Lord.
We do our best to operate in the spirit of excellence.
It is our goal to reflect who Jesus Christ is in every way. 
Who We Are